Polypropylene with special additives to improve its adhesion to the printing surface. Very versatile material, transparent, light and flexible. It also has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance making it ideal for industrial applications.

What can you achieve with this material?

Due to the PP particular properties, you can use it for a great variety of application fields, such as: packaging, textiles, tablewares, pipes, medical applications, etc.

It is great to obtain low weight pieces, so this material is quite interesting to automovile and aircraft industry, drone manufacturing, etc.

Its high printing resolution also let you use it for small pieces, as small robot components for example.

We recomended use SMART STICK as adherent.


Smartfil PP has special additives to reduce contractions during the printing proccess. Still, depending on the size of the working piece we suggest the following recommendations to get the best adhesion of the material to the printing bed.

-Using specific adhesives: For example, SMART STICK, that can be used to fix the PP to the printing bed. This adhesive acts as an interface between the material and the base, achieving great adhesion.

-Use of adhesive tape: You can also use PP adhesive tape. The filament will stick well on the tape as PP goes well with PP. The best way to do it is to cut small pieces of tape to cover the part of the base where the printed piece will go. Thanks to the ahdesive of the tape it will remain adhered to the base without any problem and we will be able to print our piece with no cracking on contractions.

-Use of additional edges (Brim): In the cases where it is necessary, it is convenient to use the option (Edge or Brim) in the laminating program. This will increase the contact surface so that a greater adhesion with the base will be achieved.

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