Sample of PP filament of ± 35 gr.

  • 1.75mm
  • 2.85 mm


Smartfil PP is a very versatile Polypropylene filament, compatible with most of the existing processing techniques and used in different commercial applications, such as packaging, automotive industry, textiles, kitchenware, medicine, pipes, etc.

It has very good processability, since it is the plastic material with the lowest specific gravity 0.90 g / cm3. In addition, it has a water vapor barrier and good organoleptic, chemical, resistance and transparency properties.

It also has elastic properties. It is a filament specially added to improve its adherence to the printing surface. Very versatile, transparent, lightweight and recyclable material. It also has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance that makes it ideal for any industrial application. We recommend Smartstick as a material that adheres to the bed.


  • Industrial applications
  • Automotive
  • Parts with mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Semi-flexible parts
  • Prosthesis
  • Medical applications

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