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PLA 3D870

PLA 3D870


This filament offers improved thermal resistance and high strength to the impact on pieces printed with it, it has similar characteristics to the ABS keeping all the advantages of the PLA.

  • 1.75mm
  • 2.85 mm
  • True black
  • Natural
  • Ivory White


PLA 3D870 has been designed by Nature Works specially made

for 3d printing. It offers improved thermal resistance and high strength
to the impact on pieces printed with it, it has similar
to the ABS keeping all the advantages of the PLA.

SMARTFIL PLA 3D870 is the newest innovation of Nature Works on PLA.  
Specially developed for 3d Printing, the aim of this material is to improve
the benefits of the PLA getting a better mechanical and thermal resistance
similar to an ABS but keeping the ease of use and behaviour for 3d Printing,
that is why is highly recommended for those PLA pieces that required more
resistance.  It is completely biodegradable, safe and compatible with all the
3d printers in the marked which makes
it suitable for all work environments.


To get a better result in the mechanical properties it is necessary to submit the piece once printed to a crystallization process by annealing.

For this we recommend to follow this instructions

-Preheat the oven in a temperature range of annealing in between 110 ºC and 120ºC

-Make sure that the temperature in the oven is homogeneous, if there are variations it can cause warping in the piece.

-Place the printed piece in the oven and turn on the timer, the typical
time to anneal a piece with a 3 mm wall is approximately 20 minutes,
this time varies depending on the thickness of the walls.

-Once the piece is removed from the oven, allow it to cool under ambient
conditions until it is completely cold.

The annealing process causes a shrinkage in the piece due crystallization
(ordering of its structure) so it is necessary to measure this shrinkage to
be able to oversize in order to obtain the original measurements

Other properties
High mechanical resistance
Printing temperature
210 ± 20ºC
PLA filament type
PLA 3D870

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