Innovatefil® PEI is a filament made of ULTEM ™ 9085 resin. Due to its high glass transition temperature, it offers excellent properties at elevated temperatures.
INNOVATEFIL POLYCARBONATE advanced filament with great resistance against impact. High resistance to thermal deformation and very good dimensional stability. This material has been designed to be used for 3D printing so the contractions are minimal during use. 


Is a thermoplastic filament that offers a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
INNOVATEFIL CPE T+ is an amorphous co-polyester with high temperature resistance. Thanks to its high glass transitiontemperature and its amorphous nature, it allows you to make very large pieces without worrying about contractions
Is a water-soluble support filament suitable for multi-head 3D printers. It is compatible with a wide range of materials for 3d printing and it is easy to print. Size: S - 400 gr Diameters: 1.75 mm(±0.03) - 2.85 (±0.05)
Is a thermoplastic polyurethane that combines hardness, elasticity and mechanical strength, so it maintains all the advantages of this elastomer. Spools with 750g
INNOVATEFIL PA CF: is a filament with a high mechanical strength and excellent performance at high temperatures, the combination of polyamide and carbon fiber allows large objects to be printed without deformation.The incorporation of carbon fiber increases the electrical conductivity, making it suitable for conductive and dissipative applications.
Is a filament for 3D printing PET-based that incorporates carbon fiber. Thanks to this, we maintain the great qualities of PET and increase its mechanical and thermal properties. Stability and the ease of printing makes this material fantastic to print working pieces with great finish. 
Innovatefil PAHT is a polyamide-based filament with great mechanical resistance and toughness and excellent performance at high temperatures, especially indicated for industrial applications and for pieces that will have an end use, such as bearings or gears.
Sample of Innovatefil PA HT filament of ± 35 gr and 12 meters.
Carbon fiber reinforced elastomer thermoplastic. With this filament you can print flexible objects, with a high printing quality. The incorporation of carbon fibers offers improved properties, high tensile strength, high heat tolerance and greater chemical resistance compared to unreinforced TPUs. In addition, the carbon fiber gives it electrical...

High-performance filaments for FDM technology

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