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Sample of ANTIBACTERIAL filament of ± 35 grams and 12 meters.

  • 1.75mm
  • 2.85 mm
  • Natural


Smartfil Antibacteriano is a filament composed of PLA and silver nanoparticles that provide antibacterial properties to the material, preventing the growth of mold, fungus and all bacteria that cause bad odors, discoloration, stains, deterioration and corrosion in the printed parts.

The antibacterial effectiveness of this filament has been tested and certified in an external laboratory under the ISO 22196 standard. The test has been carried out on two bacterial strains: Stapylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The results obtained indicate a reduction in bacterial activity by 99.99% after 24 hours.


Perfect for medical applications by eliminating bacterial contamination, such as prostheses, splints, surgical preparation tools, toys for sick children ... It is sterilizable by the following methods: UCV (UV), Ozone, EthOx, bleach and disinfectants.

Parts of daily use that receive a lot of contact such as door knobs, mobile phone covers, mask holders ...

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