Pack of 6 PLA Glitter color samples and 35g.


The filament PLA is a biodegradable plastic due to its natural origin (corn, sugarcane or potatoes) with glitter particles. In addition, it is one of the most easy to print materials in the 3D printing world.

Did you know...?

That PLA let you get 2 surface finishes? If the filament is extruded at a temperature lower than 225ºC, you’ll achieve a Gloss finish, but if the temperature is over 225-230ºC you’ll get a Matt finish.

What can you achieve with this material?

Print easily a lot of models with higher printing speed than other materials. You will not have pieces with warping as this material does not have contractions, so you will be able to print with high resolution models with a good surface finish.

Print your designs in many superb colours!


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