In this edition of ADDIT3D 2022, Smart Materials 3D has presented its new compounding service, which aims to provide customized solutions for the customer. At this fair, all the new products that have been developed so far have been shown at the largest additive manufacturing fair in Spain, the service of compounding was designed for helping the customer to achieve great innovations of their projects.


The products so far developed consist in the improvement of the various physical and/or technical properties of the materials by modifying the polymeric components with the use of industrial and/or agricultural waste, developing Eco-Friendly products that are incorporated into the circular economy and environmental responsibility.


In the same way, this new equipment becomes a powerful tool of development and customization for the client, allowing to work with a multitude of options such as loads or reinforcements of carbon fiber, graphite, ceramic fibers, glass fibers, metallic fillers, polymer fibres and others, which allows to confer to polymers new mechanical, thermal, electrical properties, processability and durability, among others.


Also, through the inclusion of additives such as pigments, plasticizers, lubricants, biocides, thermal stabilizers, antioxidants, UV light stabilizers, flame retardants, among others, allows to provide new developments with specific characteristics, all this opens the possibility of creating varied and innovative products for additive manufacturing.

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