Currently, one of the strengths of 3D printing in resin is its high definition and the transparencies that can be achieved, unlike 3D FDM printing.

However, not all transparent resins end up with a finish similar to glass because, after processing, it loses transparency and becomes more like a translucent piece. For this reason, this article provides practical tips for achieving the best transparency in resin-printed pieces, like the Crystal Impact of Smart Materials 3D.

To begin, a comparative practical case will be shown in which different processes will be applied to two identical pieces. A model of a quartz crystal was chosen, which was printed at 0, 1 mm layer height after the appropriate hole was created in the lower part.


1) As a first step, allow the resin to drain into the printer until it completely stops dripping.

2) Once the piece has been completely drained, it will be carefully peeled away from the base because the resin has not yet cured.

3) And here comes the innovative step: in the traditional method, the piece is washed and then cured, but the order of the usual process has been inverted, it may seem unbelievable but with this simple change, greater transparency is accomplished, and almost completely translucent pieces are achieved, unlike the traditional method.


The following photo shows the traditional method of cleaning in alcohol and then curing with the UV lamp, as well as the new effect, translucent, when we reverse the order, in this case, we cured the piece for 5 minutes and then washed it for 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that these values may occasionally be increased due to the geometry or size of the object, now having this information, all that is left to do is to encourage you to experiment at home with your own creations to achieve different levels of transparency, naturally using the best resin in the market, RESIN CRYSTAL IMPACT.

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