100% recycled and biodegradable PLA filament. New packaging with recyclable cardboard box and reel. We create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly set, without the filament losing properties and quality in printing


• 100% recycled

• 100% recyclable cardboard packaging

• Biodegradable

• Excellent mechanical properties and high quality in 3D printing

Comparison with virgin PLA:

• Greater mechanical resistance

• Greater printing temperature range 190ºC-220ºC

• Greater fluidity

How do we get the recycled material?

In Smart Materials 3d. material waste is produced during the manufacturing process. In our desire to achieve a more sustainable company, we treat this waste by turning it into filament, which, without losing its quality, is a more ecological option thanks to the elimination of waste.

In this graphic you can see the manufacturing process of Recycled PLA

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