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We are a spanish company located in Alcalá la Real (Jaén). From here we develop, produce and distribute our own set of filaments for your 3D printer.

In recent years, 3D printing has become undoubtedly one of the major trends in the technology market. Cost reduction and freedom of customization will cause this technology quickly becomes something normal and even essential in everyday life, both in the industrial and private sectors. Therefore, in late 2014, a group of local entrepreneurs, aware that to achieve a good job of 3D printing is necessary to have a good printer with good filaments, decided to launch this ambitious and exciting project, offering the market high quality filaments and performance at a very competitive price. Our extensive experience working with polymers from 1997 represents, without doubt, a competitive advantage that enables our R&D to research, develop and offer continuous, new and innovative filaments. In Smart Materials we are sure about one thing: this technology, which today seems almost "magic", will become very quickly, something normal and even essential in day to day for both the industrial sector (from prototyping molds, pre-series and small series production, customized models, etc.), and individuals (print customized objects, domestic stuff, decorative, elements for repairing, toys , etc.).

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