Smartfil® PP is a Polypropylene filament specially designed to reduce shrinkage during the printing process, thanks to its low density (less than 1 g/cm) and its high resistance to impact, it is a highly recommended material for applications where the weight is a determining factor or where additional protection against impact is required.

In addition, among the advantages offered by Polypropylene we can list the following:

  • Low moisture absorption, so the filament is always kept in optimal conditions.
  • Good chemical resistance against acids, bases, oils.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Great adhesion between layers, which provides isotropic properties.
  • Suitable for contact with food.


To minimize the warping effect, you can use any type of printer that has a heated bed, since it prints at a temperature similar to PLA, between 200 and 230 °C.

The solution for any printing with Polypropylene is our Smart Stick, a liquid adhesive used to improve the adhesion of the parts manufactured by FDM with the manufacturing surface. With this, we achieve a strong contact adhesion, eliminating the warping produced by the contraction of the material.

Step by Step:

1. The first step is with the bed at room temperature, apply a generous layer of Smart Stick which we will spread using the applicator or kitchen paper.

2. Once applied, we will raise the temperature of the print bed to 80 °C for about 5 minutes to ensure that the material is distributed evenly throughout the heated bed and takes consistency.

3. After 5 minutes, we can lower the temperature back to 50-60 °C and we can start our printing.

And finally, we remind you that we are developing new products and that we will tell you more details very soon, follow us on our SMART CHANNEL.

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