ENGA® is a Swiss company based in Biel-Bienne, with Gildas Höllmüller as CEO. Its main goal is to implement a full circular economy through processes closing the loops, by reincorporating waste into new products, by attentive use of natural resources and by sustainable design to allow long-lasting use of products and easy separation of materials at the end of life to guarantee return to the respective cycles.



We were very lucky to meet with Gildas at the Formnext fair in Frankfurt in November 2022. We immediately knew that Smart Materials 3D® and ENGA® could be ideal partners because our goals are very similar and our expertise complementary: we go above and beyond current production methods and material use to minimize impact on the environment and, together, we can create solutions and products with environmental responsibility.


ENGA® has successfully developed products that are not only beautiful, with styled and practical designs including attention to details, but also are charcterised by a significant reduction of environmental impact. ELLIPSIS by ENGA® is such a product, a lamp made with the SMARTFIL® ECO OLIVE filament from our sustainable range: this filament with a load of 40% olive stone residues and a base of SMARTFIL® PLA is biodegradable as it has natural vegetal origin (corn, potato, or sugar cane). ENGA® also gives careful consideration to every detail and truly cares about the environmental impact. So its creations are made using cutting-edge 3D printing technology powered by solar energy.


Do not forget to indulge yourself with ENGA® DOMO planters with an organic appearance. They are produced which our SMARTFIL® ECO filaments and you can choose a variety of beautiful colors corresponding to our cork, oyster, pine, and wood-based filaments.

Both ENGA® and Smart Materials 3D® are committed to develop simple and functional design products with resource consumption as low as possible and minimal environmental impact; we will continue to grow together while protecting the planet.

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