Smart Materials 3D in its willingness to contribute to the environment, to the development of bioplastics materials and incorporate the 3D printing industry into the circular economy, is part of the FISOS3D project, creating materials for additive manufacturing by its R&D department, which incorporates waste or by-products from different industries, made in collaboration of the Technology Center of Plastic (Andaltec) thus working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and collaborating with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions commitments.


Smart Materials 3D has invested almost a year of research and has developed with excellent results 4 filaments with an organic load of renewable products such as cork, oyster, pine and olive bone, highlighting that the last one is being a very abundant material in Andalusia (Spain).


One of the objectives of Smart Materials 3D within the program is to promote the circular economy and the reuse of renewable resources, which will bring as main benefit the recovery of industrial waste and the reduction of plastics in the environment, FISOS3D comes from the hand of the Technology Center of Plastic (Andaltec), which together with Smart Materials 3D is in charge of the development of each of these materials, the project continues since it has an execution time of two years, so the possibility of developing more materials that are currently under investigation is not ruled out.


This project, which is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain within the framework of R&D Connected Industry 4.0 among other things, brings many future benefits, one of it is encouraging companies which have large quantities of waste in their manufacturing processes to use it and recover it in a new production chain, developing a tailor-made value product and thus engaging their organizational culture within corporate environmental responsibility.

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