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Limonene is a natural substance that is extracted from the oil of citrus peels and gives the characteristic odor to them. It belongs to the group of terpenes, specifically the limonoides,which constitute one of the most broad classes of phytonutrients and functional foods , functioning as antioxidants.

Limonene is flammable at a temperature above 48 ° C , but not toxic.

Its solubility in water is very low, and its density is 0.84 g / ml.

It should be kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated place, out of direct sunlight and the container tightly closed to prevent rusting.

Limonene and its oxidation products are respiratory and skin irritants.
No evidence of carcinogenicity or genotoxicity in humans. D-limonene is biodegradable.
In recent years it has acquired a special significance because of its demand as 

biodegradable solvent in 3D printing sector, in particular for the dissolution
of print media made ​​in PS or HIPS. Apart from industrial solvent also has applications
as aromatic component and is widely used to synthesize new compounds.


Given the level of concentration of the product , we recommend a dissolution test prior
to 3D printing materials assembly part / support , to ensure that the Limonene will not
affect / dilute the final piece.

If the support material is PS or HIPS used pigmented ( black, red , etc .... ) there is a
risk that the pigments adhere and stain the final piece to be diluted.

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