Smart Materials 3D bet on people. If you want to join our team, please send us your application, either through the contact form from the following link:

Or through the following email address:

How do I write my CV?

Smart Material 3D recommends that before writing your resume, reminds that it is your introduction letter. Take your time to write it, it´s important for us.

Try to be brief, concise and direct, your resume should be no longer than two pages. Remember to be positive and capable of transmitting the best of yourself.

- Use white paper.

- Write in a readable and spaced font.

- Avoid diversity of colors.

- Help us with bold text.

- Do not write by hand.

- Take care of the style and spelling.

- We don´t need to include supporting documents and titles.

- Include a recent photograph .

How do I prepare the interview?

Before going to our facility to the job interview it is important that you prepare it. You should always convey a sense of security and confidence.

Find out everything you can about our company and the world of 3D printing.

- Take your cv to the interview and before it review your education, your professional experience and your skills, you will be asked about it.

- Take care of your appearance.

- You should go to the interview alone, unaccompanied.

- Be on time, it is better to arrive 5 minutes before.

What to do during my interview?

- Greet the interviewer with conventional formula, with a handshake and smiles looking into his eyes.

- Sit up straight and do not be nervous.

- Let the interviewer take the lead and do not talk too much, take care of your language.

- Think before answering and do it clearly and briefly, always telling the truth.

- If you have a doubt, ask. For example: What functions will have the job? What working conditions? Etc.

- Do not make interruptions and do not show pessimistic.

- Show enthusiasm and express your gratitude.


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