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Special spray for fixing your pieces during printing with DOUBLE ADHERENCE and oriented for printers that have a "hot base".


Special spray for fixing your parts during printing with DOUBLE ADHESION and oriented for printers that have a “hot base” or “heatbed”.


  • Easy and simple fixing: 3DLac is a special lacquer for 3D printers that have a "HeatedBed" or "heated bed".
  • Its function is to hold the first layer, avoiding unwanted failures at the beginning of the process.
  • Perfect substitute for Kapton tape, thus achieving cost savings and facilitating the handling of 3D printers.
  • With a light mist on a smooth surface, it is enough for the first layer of plastic to be fully fixed to the base.
  • The properties of 3DLac make that while the base is hot, the plastic extruded by the head adheres strongly.
  • As the printed part cools, it releases smoothly and without damage.
  • Its fixation formula without perfumes is perfect to hold and remove the piece once the printing is finished. Does not hit, just holds.

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