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Tutorial on the use of the filament Innovatefil Polyamide with carbon fiber (PA CF)

We have created a new video tutorial where we explain how we should use the new filament Innovatefil PA CF.

INNOVATEFIL PA CF is a filament with a high mechanical strength and excellent performance at high temperatures, the combination of polyamide and carbon fiber allows large objects to be printed without deformation.

Among its main advantages, the ability to work at temperatures of 150 º C. Also this filament has great adhesion between layers which gives the printed piece great resistance regardless of the printing position.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a hardened 0.6 mm steel nozzle is recommended as it contains carbon fiber and is abrasive.

It is also interesting to be careful in opening the vacuum bag, since it is advisable to keep it after use in it.

After printing, we must bear in mind that the use of Smartfil CLEAN is recommended to clean the hotend and leave it ready for use with another filament.

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