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Smart cycle Environmental Commitment

Smart Materials presents SMART CYCLE, a new project whose driving force is awareness of the Environment. Our interest in the total quality and maximum satisfaction of our customers, leads us to take into account the ecological aspects when designing our services, in a market where the commitment to the environment is increasing.

Therefore, we launched this environmental management proposal, which encourages the adoption of more efficient production methods, avoiding discharges and emissions, minimizing waste and facilitating recycling to our customers, providing collection points for our products.

With regard to the company, and in particular its relationship with its natural environment, caring for the environment is today a requirement of the concept of total quality. This means that, in the economic balance of processes and resources used in the manufacture of the product, it is obligatory to consider and include the actions of preservation or environmental restitution.

In this map you can find throughout the Spanish geography the points that currently collect the reels used for reuse.

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