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Raise 3D approves SMART MATERIALS 3D, 3d printing filaments within the Open Filament Program

The Open Filament Program (OFP) is a collaboration between Raise3D and filament manufacturers to identify and select the highest performance filaments for Raise3D printers. Raise 3D and Smart Materials 3D have collaborated to test some of their materials. The printer used for our tests is the Raise3D Pro2 3D Printer

The filaments tested by Smart Materials 3D and aproved by Raise3D are:



The PETG filament is a thermoplastic copolyester that unlike PET, it doesn’t cristallyze when it is heated up, so it is a resistant material with certain flexibility. Besides, it has great chemical resistance and transparency.This filament has the USP class VI or ISO 10993-1 certification, with this certification it guarantees that this filament is biocompatible with the human body. (Only available in natural color)

 PLA 3D870

The filament PLA 3D870 is the newest innovation of Nature Works on PLA. Specially developed for 3d Printing, the aim of this material is to improve the benefits of the PLA getting a better mechanical and thermal resistance similar to an ABS but keeping the ease of use and behaviour for 3d Printing, that is why is highly recommended for those PLA pieces that required more resistance.  It is completely biodegradable and safe


BOUN is a filament developed by SMART MATERIALS 3D, a thermoplastic with a degree of flexibility that gives it mechanical properties similar to polypropylene, due to its hardness you can make flexible or completely rigid figures depending on their geometry, it has great resistance to impact and offers a nice soft touch.

In this link you can download the configurations of these materials to use in the Raise3D printer:

From Smart Materials 3D we continue to collaborate with Raise3D testing with our entire range of filaments.

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