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Smart Materials 3D present INNOVATEFIL

INNOVATEFIL is a new brand, born by 20 years of experience of learning, overcoming itself, considering new challenges, overcome barriers and going beyond borders

With INNOVATEFIL we manufacture High-performance filaments for FDM technology

Innovatefil PEEK is a thermoplastic filament that offers a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
It is indicated for applications that need resistance and rigidity, as well as ductility. It is chemically resistant to aggressive environments and suitable for sterilization for medical and food contact applications.
It has very good resistance to UV rays and external conditions, which is why it is recommended for outdoor use.


We are aware of the importance of protecting the product of INNOVATEFIL against external agents. This is why, we have put special care in creating an adequate packaging based in the latest technology to get the best results.

The filament is packed in a multilayer vacuum bag, with Food Approval and heat sealable.  The high protection barrier is based in multilayers of PET, aluminium and polyethylene.

To get higher protection against humidity, inside of the vacuum bag you can find a 10g high absorption molecular desiccant bag with pore size of 3 angstrom.

With all this, we get the filament INNOVATEFIL maintain all its properties with a full guarantee.

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