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Comparison between Smartfil filaments

In this comparison we can see the main properties of these three filaments of the Smartfil range.

The most remarkable are the large property of resistance to UV rays that maintains both Smartfil ASA and Smartfil PETG, maintain their color and resistance to impact, even after long time of use outdoors.

Another very striking property is that of being machinable, since being able to do a final processing of the piece can facilitate a spectacular finish, both Smartfil ABS and Smartfil ASA can be machined easily and use pure acetone as a solvent.

Smartfil ASA

We can conclude that for outdoor applications, Smartfil ASA is the most complete for outdoor use, since it has a good resistance to heat, cold and water, being able to keep its properties and colors intact after the passage of time.

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Smartfil ASA

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