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Tiger I model created by Carlos Díaz (

We present the German tank Tiger I created by Carlos Díaz ( ). It is a project in which 6 months of design, printing and post-processing have been used. In the previous phases many pictures of the battle car are collected in their different environments, to be able to locate it and provide it with the necessary accessories. The next step is to prepare the scale with which we want to work.


With all this information, we can get down to work and start designing our pieces, taking into account the adjustment tolerances, and making the necessary sections and cuts so that the printing can be the most spectacular.


The printing in this case has been very meticulous, working with a 0.25 nozzle at a layer height of 0.05. In addition, depending on the part to be printed, the materials have been chosen meticulously. In very small pieces with a lot of relief, we have opted for HIPS from Smart Materials, as it is a resistant and easy sanding material that above all offers us a very high level of definition. In small pieces exposed to a blow in the manipulated, ABS has been chosen because it gives us resistance. In the torsion axes, where a hardness is needed, together with a certain flexibility, we have opted for PETG. The rest has been printed on PLA.






After printing our pieces, there may be some irregularity or surface defect, at this point we must use the sandpaper to leave a good surface with which to continue working. Leave it perfect is very difficult, so the next step is to apply spray equipment to cover the small defects and scratches that are still visible. After a good hand of sandpaper, we have our pieces ready to put primer, paint and apply the effects of aging and dirt. Now we have our tank finished, but we must present it properly, so we designed a base and columns that allow exposing the open vehicle to see its interior. The process is the same as for the tank, design, printing, postprocessing and painting.





After all the work and dedication, our model looks like this:

Tanque Tiger I


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