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3d printing and robotics

Pablo Rubio tells us what 3D printing means to him and thanks to it, robotics is becoming more accessible for everyone.

“3D printing makes accessible to anyone to make projects recently reserved only for entities or companies with resources, thanks to the maker world and projects such as Clone Wars or people like Juan González who have shared their knowledge and documented each step to facilitate the path to people that we have been incorporating later. ”

Within the educational robotics wants to highlight the Galician Open Source Escornabot project, created in Bricolabs by Tucho Méndez, Xoan Sampaiño and Rafa Couto, afterwards other people like Xabier, Jorge Lobo or Miguel Gesteiro were incorporated.

“I started the project” Put a scornabot in your life “, thinking about bringing robotics to any school, association or entity that does not have the resources to access the products of the market.”

“All this shared knowledge causes that a single person with a couple of printers, to be able to send 150 sets of escornabot pieces in eight months to different places in the country, together with a clear documentation with everything explained step by step and simple components of acquiring the impossible is possible. ”

For him, 3D Printing gives you freedom to discover, learn, share and create with a positive impact in our environment which still is to be discovered by all of us.

If you have entered the world of 3D printing, your advice is to follow a basic rule “Share, do not compete”. You will meet wonderful people, learn much faster and help dozens of people without realizing it.


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