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Ensayo y Error del Posthumano: María Castellanos y Alberto Valverde

The arrival of new technologies has made a revolution in the world of art and sculpture with 3D printing, which allows artists to experiment with new techniques, materials and forms when carrying out the most creative and impossible projects, thus materializing your ideas and projects, however unlikely they may be.

María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde (uh513), began their work as an artistic duo in 2009, focusing their joint work on the study of the interrelations between humans and machines. Focusing, their artistic practice in hybridizations between cyborgs and wearables, as a paradigm of human sensorial amplification, during the last years.

On November the 10th, they inaugurated their project “Essay and Error of the Posthumano” at the Canás Escultura Center, Antón Museum, in Asturias, which will be on display until January the 7th of 2018

The project consists of a sculptural study of the beauty ideal of the amplified human future, for this purpose several sculptures have been created on a human scale made through a large 3D printer built by themselves. Some have been printed with Smartfil PLA Ivory White

Congratulations for this great project and best of luck for the future ones!!!

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